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Sometimes I think the job of blogs is not to inform people of new things, but to give you a kick in the pants about stuff you already know, but haven't put into practice.

Isn't that the case with most things in life? We know what we should be doing, but we don't want to do it. So we try to figure out excuses to get around it, until someone shows us an easier way of doing what we should be doing in the first place. So to speak.

I woke up this morning with a headache. I hate waking up with headaches because I usually have them all day. And so this morning, I've been asking myself, what should I have been doing that I haven't been doing to make my life less stressful and make me sleep better?

And every now and then I come across lists on the internet that encapsulate a lot of our wisdom. Here's a good one on 25 Ways to Make Sure You Enjoy Life! Some are corny, but I like this first three:

1. Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. It is
the ultimate anti-depressant.

2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day. Talk to God about
what is going on in your life. Buy a lock if you have to.

3. When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement, ‘My
purpose is to__________ today. I am thankful for______________’

They're simple, aren't they? And if we did them, wouldn't it make a difference? I find often, for instance, I just don't get enough fresh air during the day. I'm stuck at home in front of the computer, and then I get in my car to run errands. Rarely am I actually outside, especially in the winter. But I need to be more. Just buy warm clothes, bundle up, and get out there! It does feel great.

And sitting in silence and asking God to let you know His purpose for the day can make the whole day so much less stressful, too.

I do like #16 as well:

16. Frame every so-called disaster with these words: ‘In five years,
will this matter?’

If every teen could remember that, we'd have far fewer depressed teenagers, too!

Anyway, I can't post too much more today because I'm going to go try to drink a whole lot of water and take things easy to see if this headache dissipates. But today, ask yourself, how can I make sure I enjoy life more and feel more joy? And don't forget to ask God, too!


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At 9:04 AM , Blogger Courtney said…

I think we too often get caught up in all of the stuff that we think we "have" to do, when in reality, there are things that could wait that would allow us the chance to slow down and relax. I've learned over the past few months that all of the things I think need doing, are still going to be there later. So I have decided to slow down, spend my free time playing with my son and let the rest wait for a time when he is doing his own thing or napping. And you're right, fresh air does wonders. :) Hope your headache goes away.


At 9:23 AM , Blogger Shana said…

You are so right with this. Thanks a lot and I do hope your headache goes away.


At 10:39 AM , Anonymous Lorrie said…

Try a couple of drops of lavender oil on each temple and under your nose. Usually helps with my headaches, and it smells wonderful!

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