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When the Moral Becomes Political
My friend Jeannie St. John Taylor writes wonderful children's books, and other books for moms, too.

Here are some of my favourite children's books she has:

Anyway, Jeannie also sends out a beautiful prayer every Monday that I subscribe to, and it starts my week off right.

Recently, though, she had been praying for the unborn, and got some rather nasty emails back from people who are Christian. I'm not privy to what these emails said, but here is her response, which I just love. I asked for her permission to post it, because I thought it was so well put, and encapsulates how I feel exactly.

I am not political. Had you asked me thirty years ago which party I favored, Democrat or Republican, you'd have gotten a blank stare. ...

And yet, despite my political-neutrality, several people have recently accused me of the exact opposite. It started when I sent an article on abortion to my Monday Morning Prayer List. Instead of appreciating the well-reasoned arguments in the piece, one friend wrote back and requested I please not talk politics with him. Another two people huffed off my email list demanding they never get anything else from me. Not ever. Not even the Monday prayers -- because I had offended them with political propaganda.

I was stunned. Political propaganda? I don't think of abortion as a political issue, it's a moral issue. Isn't it? It used to be.

Sadly, without most of us even noticing, moral issues have morphed into political concerns. ...Same-sex marriage, the day after pill for seventeen-year-olds, embryonic stem cell research -- there's no space to list them all, but every one of those ethical and moral issues have become political matters, and as a result morally-neutral. Porn on the Internet is nothing more than free speech these days. See how easy it's become? ...It's all good, guilt-free.

Unless you come down on the politically-incorrect side of a topic. More often than not, that unpopular side is God's side. ...Make no mistake, the sharp divide in our nation that has become so apparent in recent elections runs along moral lines even though disguised as political division. Recognize that! Learn what God expects of you. If you recognize that something is politically-correct, stop and analyze it. Ask what God says about it. Is it really political or is it an ethical matter?

Study the Bible until you can recognize right from wrong.
Pray for wisdom and clear sight.
Make decisions based on what the Bible says and not on what feels right.
Instead of voting based on party, look at morals and ethics.
Any time you have the opportunity to do it, speak up for right. You will suffer for it, but God will reward you in heaven.
You and I must summon our courage and do what we can to stop evil now. ...Even if it means friends and family label us "political."

What she's saying is true in my own country of Canada, too. So often we see things that should be moral issues in terms of political issues. But if they're moral imperatives, they're moral imperatives. And we shouldn't confuse the two.

I guess I feel so strongly about the abortion question because I was once pressured to abort. I was pregnant with my baby boy, and they detected a serious heart defect. I let my baby live, and I am eternally grateful for that. You can read his story here.

I get way too into politics. I fret over elections, and polls, and the news. And yet, when all is said and done, political parties don't matter. They don't last beyond this world. But abortion does matter. God matters. How we handle our own charitable giving matters (rather than leaving it all to the government). How we live out our own marriages, and encourage other people's marriages, matters. So let's reclaim the moral, and stop trying to make things into political issues just to silence others. Let's do what we can to live out our values and morals in our homes, in our workplaces, in our cities, and in our countries. Maybe I sound political; I don't mean to. But these things matter. And we had better make sure we don't sweep them all under the rug because they're just about "politics".

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At 12:49 PM , Blogger Miss Charlene said…

Fabulous post and that is so true! I am not into politics, but so much morality is tied into it. What kind of world will my two sons live in? That's when I started taking notice.

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