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Works for Me Wednesday: Making Leftovers Go Further

I was supposed to make spaghetti for dinner last night. Or rather my daughter was. But instead I figured there were some leftovers we had to eat up tonight or it would be too late.

We had 5 leftover pork souvlaki shish-kabob like things. And I had a little bit of Indian food with some sauce.

So I made 1 2/3 cup of rice with some cut up carrots and some peas, mixed it all together, and voila!

It was really tasty, too! And I figured that it cost a grand total of $2.90, with the majority of that being the Naan bread that we bought at the grocery store to serve with it.

Making leftover meat go further is a great way to cut one's grocery budget. If I have a little bit of leftover roast beef, I'll make beef barley soup. Add lots of veggies, serve with rolls and salad, and you have a dinner! If I have leftover chicken, I'll make a chicken pie, add lots of veggies, serve with a salad, and you get the picture.

I'm trying to teach my kids to analyze how much each meal costs, and to notice that the meals in which the meat is a separate item (like roast beef, roast chicken, steak, or pork roast), tend to cost more per person than meals where the meat is mixed in. Most casseroles and pastas would fall in this category.

I find fried rice a nice meal to use up leftovers with. Normally I'd add a little bit of soya sauce, some ginger, some green onions, and a touch of honey, but I didn't this evening because of the leftover Indian sauce. But you get the idea. I think too often we treat leftovers like they need to be eaten the exact same way twice. So if it was roast beef the first time, it needs to be eaten as roast beef the second time. But mix it in with something, and it goes a lot further!

And that works for me!

Thanks for dropping by for Works for Me Wednesday. Why not stop and look around a little? I have Wifey Wednesday, with advice on how to prevent affairs, thoughts on memorizing Scripture, healing, and lots more!

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