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Why I Love Summer
My girls and I are just back from Calgary, after a Bible quizzing competition for a week. What an amazing time! I learned a lot about them, and about teens in general. But picture this: 120 teenagers, from all over North America, who are all incredibly bright, who have spent this year memorizing 1 & 2 Corinthians (that's right; the whole books). I'm going to have to post a video of some of the quizzes or you won't believe it, but it was so amazing to see these kids who are so alive, and self-assured, and in love with Jesus, all in one place. They weren't nerds, either! In fact, I spent far too much time checking out the guys on the Western Canadian teams (and some of the Pennsylvania teams), because I figure that eventually my girls are going to have to marry someone, and better it be someone I choose for them! :)

Anyway, I walked in the door this morning at 4 a.m., after our plane was late flying into Ottawa. So I'm extremely tired. I've written a bunch of blog posts to automatically publish over the next few days, but I'm hoping that I can intersperse them with some of our great pictures of Banff and some videos of quizzing!

And my oldest daughter placed 15th (she was the #2 rookie) out of thousands of kids who do Bible quizzing with the Alliance church around North America. So we were really proud!

Until now I have felt a bit like summer hasn't begun, because the girls were studying (even if they were doing it while lying in the sun), and we were driving back and forth to practices. But now we're home and that stress is over, and we have a little more than a month to go of summer.

While we were gone my husband booked us into a campground. I told him we absolutely have to go camping, even if we only can snatch a few days (after I wrote a post about memories from previous summers it became imperative to head out in the trailer!). And Keith booked a weekend away, just him and me, for later this month, too. My girls are going to stay with my younger cousin and help her paint her new house, which will be so exciting to see them get to know each other better.

So now I see this next month stretched out in front of me, and I am so relaxed and happy! I hope that I'll write some more posts for you all other than the ones I have scheduled, but I do plan on taking some time just to enjoy the sun. While at Internationals last week Rebecca had a boy from Ohio ask her how she got so tanned, since Canada doesn't have heat. Becca thought that was pretty funny, since before we left we had had two weeks of 100+ temperatures (if you factor in the humidity). Thankfully it's cooled down to the mid-80s (or the high twenties, for my fellow Canadians who think in Celsuis), and it's absolutely lovely. Unfortunately, we don't get that kind of weather very often, so I am going to make the most of it.

I'm going to bike and play tennis and take lots of walks and sit in my garden and type in my porch. So if I don't get as much written as I normally do, please forgive me. I have to snatch what sunshine I can! But keep coming back, because I'll have a Wifey Wednesday up tomorrow, and my columns every Friday, and lots more stuff to keep you thinking!


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At 8:50 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

That sounds wonderful; I am a little jealous of that extra month of summer. It is back-to-school time in my area of TN; schools start next week, teachers are back to work next week, and we follow the same schedule at home to line up with school breaks and kids in the neighborhood being home.

However, the trade-off is a 2-week break in the fall when the weather is much nicer, and then another 2 weeks in the spring. As transplanted northerners, we hibernate in the air conditioning all summer here anyway:)


At 12:28 PM , Anonymous Karen Kalis said…

I understand your comment about being so busy. Honestly, it doesn't feel like summer to me either! With a husband working on projects and my son's activities, we've just been running. . . I wonder why we do this sometimes. Must be our version of "keeping up with the Jones's." (


At 6:06 PM , Anonymous El Bilson said…

Summer is my favorite too if for nothing else than it's not cold outside :)

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