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Sometimes We Need to Discriminate
Discrimination is bad. Right?

Well, certainly to discriminate solely on the basis of race is. It's bad to discriminate solely on the basis of religion, or gender, or age, etc. etc.

But is discrimination always bad?

To discriminate simply means to make distinctions, and then to act on those distinctions. If you're my best friend, and you decide to have an affair with my husband, I may discriminate against you by never talking to you again (or something more mean). I'm making a decision to treat you a certain way because of something that you did.

On this anniversary of September 11, too, I think some more discrimination is warranted. I think we should discriminate and marginalize those from other faiths who say that all Jews are pigs, or that we should insist that women veil themselves, or that it's okay to mutilate little girls' genitals so that they can't enjoy sex later. These ideas led directly to the jihadist culture that caused September 11, and if we could take a firm stand against it, perhaps we'd be more effective in combatting it.

In fact, I think the world could use a lot more discriminating, even in just our personal spheres. We need to bring back honest to goodness shame! When people do something that seriously crosses a moral code, we should discriminate against them so that they feel the shame. I wouldn't force anybody to wear the Red Letter A, like in The Scarlet Letter, but at least telling people that we think pornography use is wrong, or cheating is wrong, or lying is wrong, isn't bad. It would do society a lot more good if we began insisting on certain moral codes again.

I was reminded of this when the ACORN scandal broke this week. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, a 25-year-old filmmaker and a 20-year-old friend went undercover at ACORN, the community organization where Obama got his start, to show how leftwing and nefarious the organization is. It's currently receiving billions and billions in stimulus money, and is in charge of much of the census, at the same time as it is under investigation in 15 states for election fraud.

These two walked in there and claimed that she was a prositute who needed to buy a house, nad he was her new pimp. They gave her information on how to lie and cheat on her taxes so she could get a loan, and then she dropped the big bombshell.

She has 13 15-year-old El Salvadorean girls who are going to come work with her for a while. How should she declare them on her taxes to get tax breaks?

The workers gave her advice on how many to call dependents, and how to just hide the rest. That's right. They didn't try to rescue child prostitutes. They told their "abductor" how to hide them.

But what struck me was this exchange (from the transcript). I can't copy it, but I'll retype it:

Shira: First of all let me tell you something my job is not to judge people....I don't like nobody to judge me so therefore I don't judge nobody else.

And earlier in the transcript she was going on about how "we don't discriminate against anybody".

They have taken the language of civil rights--discrimination is bad--and made it mean something totally different.

Discrimination is no longer about treating people badly because of something inherent, like skin colour (which they can't change). It's now about treating people exactly the same regardless of how they act (which they can change).

We're not getting rid of discrimination; we're getting rid of morality, which, incidentally, was responsible for the civil rights movement in the first place. People knew what right and wrong was, and they wanted to make sure the country reflected that. Now we're trying to make sure that the country erases all thought of right and wrong.

When you elevate "non-discrimination" as your highest value, as these ACORN workers have, you become proud of yourself simply for not discriminating.

But let's take this to its logical conclusion. It's easy to not discriminate against people who are responsible citizens. To say to yourselves, "I feel good about myself because I don't discriminate against them" makes no sense. Of course you wouldn't discriminate against them! But if anti-discrimination of any form is your highest value, then the way to express it is to stop discriminating against those who would normally be discriminated against.

In other words, if you're really going to achieve your highest value, you need to give people a pass who do truly outrageous things. Or else have you really done anything extraordinary?

So these ACORN workers heard about a girl involved in prostitution and her pimp, and heard how they were going to enslave 13 15-year-old illegal immigrants from El Salvador, and they told them over and over again how they wouldn't judge them. They probably went home feeling absolutely wonderful, because you can't get much lower than a prostitute and a pimp engaging in forced child prostitution. To not discriminate against them shows how absolutely non-judgmental they are! They have arrived!

When anti-discrimination becomes the new morality, it can only be expressed in extreme ways. The more moral transgressions there are to ignore, the more you have expressed your tolerance. Being tolerant against the nice and kind is easy; being tolerant against child molestors is much harder. The ones highest up the new morality totem pole, then, are those who excuse the worst. The world has turned on its head.

ACORN is a huge organization involved with billions and billions of dollars, and it is promoting this "non-discrimination", and thus its anti-morality, across the country. But it's not alone. Planned Parenthood advises pregnant 13-year-olds who were impregnated by their boyfriends in their 20s how to avoid getting child services involved, even though legally it is statutory rape. They don't want to discriminate, you see. Up here in Canada we have the same moral direction at our campus Women's Centres at universities, where rape is not reported if an abortion is needed. We have left wing organizations trying to legitimize all kinds of things. It is rampant.

And over and over again, this verse keeps running through my head:

"Woe to you who call good evil, and evil good." (Isaiah 5:20).

Woe to you. And woe to us indeed.

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To Love, Honor and Vacuum

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At 9:12 AM , Anonymous Kathryn Lang said…

Thank you for being willing to speak up and call wrong, wrong. I am with you - discrimination is essential to walking a bold and peculiar walk.


At 10:16 AM , Anonymous Melissa said…

Amen sister. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that sees what is really happening in our world. That scripture says it all.

Oh sweet and precious Jesus how I wait for your return!


At 12:59 PM , Blogger Terry @ Breathing Grace said…

Adding this one to my delicious links! It is VERY good and important for us all to remember.


At 6:14 PM , Anonymous Steven said…

I was thinking of writing an article like this, and bingo - you did it! Thanks, very well written.

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