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In Quest of a Morning Routine that Works
Do you have morning issues? I sure do.

Whether you work outside the home or you're busy inside the home, the question always is: what can I squeeze into the morning? What should I squeeze into the morning? How can I start my day off right?

I often get up around 7, but I'm tired. So I tended to gravitate to the computer and check emails and post something on this blog and check Twitter and surf, and soon an hour would be gone. Then I'd scramble to shower, get dressed, get some breakfast, do my devotions and start homeschooling. And chances were I didn't get going for the day until 10, and I just didn't feel that that was acceptable.

Of course, when the children were younger it was even harder. I remember when they were really little I'd get up with them, put a video on, and go back to sleep on the couch, sitting with them, so I was right there if anything bad happened. And then I'd stick them in a playpen and go have my shower. It wasn't easy.

But now that my children are older, I should theoretically be able to get a good start to my day. The problem is that I want to start my day with too many things. Exercise, devotions, shower, breakfast, time on the web. And recently I've just decided that exercise needs to come first, because it helps me wake up anyway.

I'm one of those people who has always been relatively slim. I've never been skinny, but I've never been big, either. But the last few years I've gained about 3 pounds each year, so that I'm 12-15 pounds up where I was a little while ago. And while I still look fine, and I'm not upset about it, I'm worried about the trajectory. I don't want to get heavily overweight. My metabolism is simply slowing. That's life. But it means I do have to exercise to stay healthy and stay in shape.

So I've decided to exercise first, check email and post on this blog for 15 minutes, have my shower, and then sit down with my Bible and hot chocolate (it's heavy on the cocoa and low on the sugar). I know some people think you should do the Bible first, but if I do that I'm not really awake.

The problem is, now that I add exercise my day really doesn't start until 9:45 or 10. And that bugs me. But it's not realistic to get up at 6, not for me. I know some of you can do it, but I can't. So I feel a little bit badly about that, but I don't see how to change it. At least I know at 10 that I've done the important things for the day.

What do the rest of you do? I'd really like to know. Sometimes I just feel like it's so hard to fit in everything we're supposed to do. I don't know how people find the time.

By the way, I'm working out the Wii fit and getting a really good workout! I figured out how to use it so it does some real good. Anybody want to know the routines? I'll post them if you'd like.

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To Love, Honor and Vacuum

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At 9:05 AM , Blogger LauraLee Shaw said…

Actually, I think you've thought it out pretty well. I do my coffee & Bible study first, because it takes that to motivate me to work out, lol. Works for me. I usually do my Bible Study, prayer, coffee & breakfast, then check a few blogs & tweets, FB, then go work out. When I work out, I've started my kids on their independent school work, and then I am ready to work with them around 10ish for the rest of the day. At lunch time, I check emails & online stuff again, and sometimes even open my Bible again for a spiritual snack. (cuz sometimes I need to refocus with the emotions of my daughters & my response to them).

This schedule changes on the 2 days a week my kids go to school (like today), because my favorite core training class doesn't even start until 10. Anyway, I don't think you are really getting your start at 10, I think you have just started with the good stuff.

The most important thing for us to do in the morning is to "choose this day Whom we will serve," but it doesn't mean our quiet time has to be in the morning. For me, it means starting my day with my first thoughts on Him, and I can even keep them there when I'm exercising.

Random thoughts. :)


At 9:54 AM , Blogger Kim said…

Your blog post spoke volumes for me today...I am like you, steadily gaining a small bit each year and I know if I don't take control of it...sooner or later, it's going to overtake me and I'll be on the next Biggest Looser. I want to get a handle on all of seems so overwhelming sometimes.

I struggle with trying to "fit" it all in too - I usually get up around 7, pray, read my bible, watch Joyce Meyer, check emails, surf blogs & Facebook then hit the shower around 10 too. Seems like alot of wasted time being online but getting connected with other women like yourself seems to help motivate me and remind me that I'm not the ONLY homeschool mom out there.

I'd love to know your Wii Fit routine...while we don't have a Wii yet, I'm hoping to get one for Christmas.

Needless to say, I like to work out in the morning but my husband works out at night and I notice when I do some work out thinks with him...he REALLY enjoys it so I have come to the conclusion that working out at night with my husband is something that he really enjoys and I would like to honor him with that quality time...So - TONIGHT we will start again!!! (Seems like we go good for a week and something comes up that gets us off track...urgh :-)


At 10:08 AM , Blogger Sheila said…

Thanks for your comments, girls!

LauraLee, I love this line: "I don't think you are really getting your start at 10, I think you have just started with the good stuff."

I'm going to keep saying that to myself!

And Kim, you are so lucky that your husband loves to workout with you! That's awesome! And it's good motivation for both of you.

My hubby and I were doing well in the summer when we could play tennis together, but it's more difficult now that autumn has arrived up here in Ontario, Canada. We jog together sometimes, but he doesn't like doing weights, and I do.

Oh, and by the way: I didn't even mention housework. When do you get the housework done? I've just decided it doesn't count as a morning routine, whatever FlyLady might say, because the other stuff is more important. Although I do throw a load of laundry in usually!


At 10:26 AM , Blogger Kim said…

My daughter does 2 chores every morning before she starts school but after she has done her bible devotion. It helps me SO much. I try to throw a load of laundry in each day and try to keep up with seems that other things sometimes get put off but I guess it's not gotten too back (except for the clutter...urgh the clutter in my office!!! :-)

Because you reach so many more readers than I do...I thought you might like to view and if you want to post - this encouragement to homeschool moms/families

Enjoy your day!!!


At 10:27 AM , Blogger Deborah said…

I'm with you--I have a hard time getting started. I don't even have kids! But I quit working outside the home when we moved overseas 18 months ago, thinking I'd be just as productive at home as I was at work, but I'm not. I get up around 7 and intend to work out, but I always feel so tired that it's super-easy to just not do it. I do better if I eat some breakfast and spend some time online first, but then I feel guilty for spending time online without having done anything productive first, so I end up rushing to the shower or to start cleaning, and then I'm busy for the rest of the day. Compound that with the fact that there's a ladies Bible study I go to once a week, and volunteer work once a week, and both of those are in the morning (9 and 10), so on those days, it's get started early or don't do anything productive at home in the morning. I seriously need a routine that I can live with!

And I'd love to know your Wii Fit routine. I have the Wii Fit, the Wii Active Personal Trainer "game," and a couple of DVDs that I use whenever I do motivate myself to work out, but I don't feel like I have a routine for a good workout on the Wii Fit. I mostly use it when I'm really struggling to work out that day at all, because it doesn't feel as draining and doesn't take as long as my other options.


At 11:28 AM , Blogger Charity said…

Um, yeah... that's right where I'm at every morning. I am NOT a morning person so it does take a while for me to get my day really started. I start off with coffee and devos, perhaps after a quick computer check. Then to the computer for blog reading etc.. Then all of the sudden it is 10:30! Yipes!

I would like to hear more about your Wii routine as well. My husband and I may be purchasing one for our together Christmas gift. I've always been slim, but, like you, am gaining a little here and there. Not upset about it, but I just want to keep healthy.


At 3:09 PM , Blogger Kim said…

Did I "really" say I shower at 10??? Silly me...I think most days it's more like


At 7:41 AM , Anonymous Debbie said…

This is a SERIOUS issue for me. My girls ARE young (4 & 2) and I can relate to putting on a video and napping closeby cuz I'm so tired!!! It's usually 10:30 before I even realize it. I'm getting my bed made daily - we all have breakfast - showering is optional some mornings - and the rest of the time I feel like I'm trying to wake up! Sometimes devotions don't happen until naptime - and then it's a race to get MANY things done - laundry, dishes, computer time, etc. Ack!
Some days are GREAT and I get much done - but too many days are NOT like that...

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